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"Latitude’s with Attitudes"

In 2019 a crazy idea was hatched, to have our own brand. Not run by an unforgiving manufacturer.

All our idea’s and years of talking with you, the customer, made this happen. The birth of Latitude Rv Caravans was celebrated. We had finally had enough of dealing with manufacturers who would never listen to our idea’s or had never used caravans themselves.

We here at Caravans R Us own the brand name and have a very strong grip on how our vans are made, designed, stickered and of course priced. Our great companionship with the factory, helps us with the building of what we need, when we need and to the quality that we believe our caravans should have. With using caravans with our families, we find out what doesn’t work, what does and what needs to be changed, so we can make the product better.

Leon & Kean

Caravan R Us

We offer our own brand

Latitude’s with Attitudes

Latitude Rv Arctic 19’6

Latitude Rv Arctic 19’6 A/T

Latitude Rv Liberty 21’6 A/T

Latitude Rv Family Tourer 21’6

Latitude Rv Family Tourer 22’ A/T